Tuesday, March 29, 2016


alysa madisun tumblr to do

Tumblr is filled with inspiration. Sometimes before bed, I find myself endlessly scrolling down my dashboard admiring all the captivating fashion and product photography when I really should be getting some sleep. Here is some inspiration for Tumblr Tuesday you may enjoy. Has anyone tried the brow definer by Anastasia Beverly Hills? I can't live without my brow wiz, so I'm curious as to how the definer performs. Also, how cute is that sweet puppy? She/he makes me want to crawl into bed and snuggle up with my own fur baby!

alysa madisun tumblr tuesday
alysa madisun fashion inspiration
anastasia beverly hills brow definer tumblr
alysa madisun inspiration alysa madisun tumblr
alysa madisun shoes inspiration hair inspiration tumblr
alysa madisun fashion inspiration

If you have one, leave a link to your Tumblr down below. You can find my Tumblr page here and don't forget to follow me, I follow back! Happy Tuesday!

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