Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I recently received my Graze box in the mail and I couldn't wait to open it up and share what I got with you guys! Graze is a snack subscription box that offers perfectly portioned, yummy, good for you snacks each month/week. I love snacking so this box is perfect for me!

So the first snack box I was most excited to try out {because I love hot snacks} were the "Spicy Siracha Crunch." These did not disappoint! My favorite snacks are always spicy ones such as hot cheetos, spicy corn nuts and this snack definitely reminded me of spicy corn nuts! If you love spicy and crunchy snacks like I do, you will love these too!

The next perfectly portioned box I tried was the "Iced Cinnamon Bun." Cinnamon honey almonds, yogurt sunflower seeds and vanilla cookie drops - sounds so yummy, right? This one satisfied my sweet tooth, my favorite part were the cinnamon honey almonds. This box reminded me of a really tasty cereal.

Next up was "Vitamin E Defense" which included hazelnuts, peanuts, cranberry and raisins. Out of all four boxes, I have to say that this one was my least favorite. I thought I liked dried fruit and hazelnuts but I guess not. Though the fact that this is a good source of vitamin E was nice.

The last box I tried were "Honeycomb Flapjack." These were soooooo yummy! Honey oat bars drizzled with chocolate - so good, I wish it came with more than three! These were my 2nd favorite after the Spicy Siracha Crunch.

I'm very pleased with my Graze box. 3/4 boxes were a hit and I can't wait to see what I get in my next box! And if you're interested in Graze, you can sign up and get your 1st and 5th box for FREE using my promo code: ALYSAM3PB

Thanks for stopping by, loves! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!


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