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My Refresh VoxBox from Influenster arrived and I had the opportunity to test some awesome products in my 100% honest opinion that I would love to share. This is my first VoxBox I've received from Influenster and I could not wait to open and try all this stuff out! For information on Influenster, click here.
Now let's get started...

 Beanitos Chips, $3.49 each
The first items I saw when I opened up my Refresh VoxBox were these two bag of chips. I'm pretty picky when it comes to chips, I don't usually gravitate towards boring flavored chips. So when I saw the Restaurant Style chips, I immediately had to think about what I was going to dip them in. Just like all Restaurant Style chips, you want to dip them in a type of dipping sauce. It was perfect timing for me because my Mom had recently made me a jar of her homemade salsa! Great, so then I picked up the Nacho Cheese bag and I began to read what Beantos is all about. "High fiber, 4g complete protein, gluten free, crunchy, delicious chips" Plus they are not made from potatoes, but from super nutritious beans! As soon as I read all that, I was more eager to try them since I never heard of chips that are actually good for you. I opened up the bag and started eating the Restaurant Style with my Mom's salsa and it was pretty good. Crunchy, a little salty and I enjoyed them. Then I tried it without the salsa and I wasn't happy anymore. I almost never go for better or healthier alternatives of foods, drinks and snacks because to me, it doesn't always taste as great. Perhaps I wasn't so shocked that the blue bag didn't taste amazing on it's own, because of all that fiber in it. And yes, Restaurant Style chips are not regularly eaten alone but a lot of RS style chips I've actually had eaten alone never made me say, "Ew." Next I tried the Nacho Cheese without the salsa and they were really good. Also very crunchy and packed with cheese flavor, I ended up eating the whole bag. This time I didn't notice all that fiber, though I do love the fact that it is high in fiber. I would really love to try the other flavors Beanitos has to offer because I can definitely picture myself eating these chips again along the side of a sandwich.

Skinnygirl Tasty Nutrition Bars, 5 for $5 on sale at Target through Feb.26
Like I said before, I'm all about foods, snacks and drinks that just taste amazing. I don't occasionally pay attention to calories or nutrition; not because I don't care but simply because I just eat whatever I feel that taste good.  It doesn't matter if a food is healthy or not, if it tastes great to me, I will eat it. I received this Skinnygirl nutrition bar in "Dark Chocolate Pretzel" which sounded so appetizing to me that I couldn't wait to eat it! Also when I read the word "tasty" on this nutrition bar, I was more excited to try it out. So when the time of day rolled around where I get my chocolate craving, I immediately grabbed for my Skinnygirl bar and opened it. I wish I took the time to take a picture of the bar itself without the wrapper, because it looked so pretty and nice! But I couldn't wait any longer, I had to eat the bar. The first bite I took I was extremely impressed. No kidding, this bar really is tasty! It was chewy but had a tiny bit of crunch from the pretzel. The dark chocolate was delicious and it definitely cured my chocolate craving. It's honestly the best nutrition bar I have ever had.  I tried my hardest not to eat it fast because it was the only one that I owned lol! With 160 calories, 6G of protein and 5G of fiber, this is the perfect mid day snack. I'm considering going on a Target Run and picking up the other kinds of Skinnygirl nutrition bars.

COVERGIRL UltraSmooth Foundation, $12.99-$16.99
Now on to beauty products. The Refresh Voxbox included COVERGIRL's UltraSmooth Hair Smoothing Foundation + Applicator in "860 classic tan". I'm constantly on the hunt for a new foundation, so I was glad they added one in this box. This one claims to give you ultra smooth-looking skin by polishing out imperfections such as redness, blemishes and even fine facial hair. Facial hair? Alright so I know that many of women grow a lot of peach fuzz but I'm not really one of them. My facial hair is very minimum and it's not an issue I'm concerned about. But as for redness and blemishes, those are problems I'm always wanting to cover up. Once I opened up the package, I noticed this confusing silicone applicator that it came with. I can't lie, I was hoping the applicator was a sponge-like applicator. I was unsure about how this was going to work because I never seen such a beauty tool and it looked so gimmicky to me. I followed the directions on the side of the package by squeezing a small amount of product onto the applicator. I then applied it to my skin in the direction of facial hair growth, which is downwards. Right away I did not like the unpleasant feeling of the applicator against my skin. It also did a horrible job at blending. Looking extremely unnatural, I was heavily missing my beloved Beauty Blender. However, the foundation itself felt fairly good, like a typical liquid foundation. It's medium to full coverage but until I finally got out my Beauty Blender, I could not tell if I liked it or not. Using my beloved Beauty Blender, the product blended into my skin magically and I slowly began to like my complexion. It did a great job at perfecting the redness and blemishes on my face. I did not need to apply a second layer to my face because a little bit of this product goes along way, which is always a plus. The part that I loved most about this Ultra Smooth Foundation, was how well it settled into my skin. It didn't feel sticky nor matte, but nice and provided me a glowing appearance. I wore it day to night and it lasted 8 hours for me which is wonderful for a drugstore foundation. Overall, I loved this foundation...just not the applicator.

L'OCCITANE Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream, $5(8ml)/$28(ml)
My face gets extremely dry in the winter so experimenting with different moisturizers is my thing. So finding this L'OCCITANE Shea Butter Cream in my VoxBox was a treat. First off, the smell of this cream is a very faint loition-y scent (if that makes any sense) and instantly fades away. I love the way this cream just glides on my skin so effortlessly and adsorbs quickly. My skin suddenly feels relieved like it just drank water! The first time I used this was at night before I went to bed. When I woke up in the morning, I noticed my skin felt silky and looked so stunning that I fell in love with this product! I also applied this light cream under my makeup and noticed it helped my makeup blend easier. It also made it look more natural. This product is non greasy and leaves my skin feeling soft and looking radiant all day long. This cream quickly became a staple in my skin care routine. It truly is comforting and I am completely in love with this moisturizer.

Montagne Jeunesse Face Masques, $1.49
I'm a huge fan of face masks and I truly believe in what they do. I try to take the time to pamper my skin and use a face mask once a week, but a lot of times I get to use one every other week. I received this Black Seaweed Peel Off Montagne Jeuness Masque. I never tried this brand of face mask before but I've seen it around and heard so many great things. I always wanted to try it so I was thrilled when I saw it in my VoxBox! Reading the back of this package, I was moved by the fact that they chopped black laver seeweed and crushed sea buckthom and pressed them together to create this mask. That's so cool because it's always impressive and comforting when a mask uses natural ingredients for skins benefits. Though I never tried seaweed for my skin before, I know it reduces the swelling of acne and puts back moisture into it. This deep cleansing mask claims to peel off dirt and grease and I began my mission to see if that was true. And it was! I'm endlessly fighting against the build up of dirt down in my pores mainly around my t-zone, so I definitely noticed the difference. I was pretty shocked because even though it stated it was going to clean my face, I wasn't really expecting it to take out  the grim from my pores as well as it did. I also appreciated the fact it did not burn or sting my face. Now I understand all the good reviews on these types of face masks and I certainly would love to try more.

Dentek Comfort Clean Floss Picks, $1.39
Let's talk about floss! Flossing is so important in our dental hygiene and I hope everyone knows that without me having to explain why lol. But just like toothbrushes, not every floss is this same. The floss I was using before was a generic brand and though it got the job done, it felt sort of rough on my teeth. However, these floss picks I received not only get the job done, but are so gentle on my teeth and gums.  It makes flossing more pleasant and I'm really content with this product. 

The last item I tried in my VoxBox was this cute little guy. I have tried this product before and I loved it. They are little strips of minty, freshy, goodness packed into a tiny box. Compact and convenient, I keep them in my purse. They dissolve in your mouth instantly and leaves your breath feeling nice, fresh and ready to kiss lol!  

This box was a hit and I truly enjoyed trying out every product.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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